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Hybrid Cable - 12 Fibers SM - 12 Fibers 62.5µm MM - OFNR Riser Rated

OCC Part No.: HY-2490-0TB

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This cable is rated OFNR Riser and suitable for indoor/outdoor applications.

It is perfect for installation in conduits between buildings and run directly through risers to a convenient network or splicing closet without a separate point of splice at building entrance.

And it offers the benefit of installing multimode and single mode fibers all in one pull.

It is also perfect for any indoor applications.

This cable contains 12 9/125µm single mode fibers and 12 62.5/125µm multimode fibers.

Vendor has changed their part number: DX024DZCI9KR

Distribution 24 Fiber Hybrid 12 SLX/12 WLS Ultra-Fox™ Indoor/Outdoor Riser Black Jacket



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