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Fibercore 1300nm Bend Insensitive Polarization Maintaining Fiber for Sensor and Research

Fibercore Part No.: HB1250

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FIBERCORE Bow-Tie 1300nm Polarization Maintaining PM Single Mode Fiber 250µm Coating

FIBERCORE HB Series 125/250 µm, bend-insensitive polarization maintaining fiber for sensor and research applications between 488 nm and 1550 nm.

minimum Order Quantity of 25 meters

With applications for PM fibers continuing to grow at an ever-increasing rate, Fibercore Limited 'HB' is the natural, high-performance choice for fundamental research and product development. To give you maximum choice and versatility, HB is available in no-less than seven standard wavelength ranges from below 488 nm to beyond 1550 nm. Throughout all wavelength ranges, the standard NA of 0.16 guarantees excellent resistance to bend-induced losses.

  • A range of design operating wavelengths in VIS and IR 488nm - 1550nm
  • High NA gives bend loss resistance Reduced bend loss when packing and coiling fiber
  • Maximum birefringence - minimum Stress Highly efficient Bow-Tie SAPsprovide exceptionalpolarization maintaining ability with excellent handling characteristics
  • Standard 125/245µm silica fiber with dual-layer acrylate coating Applications specific coating packages also available. Entirely compatible with telecoms and other PM fibers

FIBERCORE HB Series Bow-Tie Polarization Maintaining PM Fiber Spec Sheet: Fibercore HB PM Fiber Spec Sheet



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