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Fibercore Single Mode Fiber for 980nm and 1550nm, 4.5/125µm Core/Cladding, 245µm Coating

Fibercore Part No.: SM980

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FIBERCORE SM980 Single Mode Fiber for 980nm. This fiber has 4.5µm core, 125µm cladding and 245µm coating. With single mode transmission characteristics well matched to Diode Lasers at 980 nm, YLF and YAG around 1047-1064nm, ytterbium(Yb) fiber lasers around 1100 nm.

  • Singlemode transmission at all common Visible and NIR source wavelengths
  • 125µm glass diameter enables the use of standard ferrules, v-grooves and connectors
  • Typical 0.11 0.13 NA gives good resistance to bend induced loss without creating an unmanageably small mode.

FIBERCORE Single Mode Fibers Spec Sheet: SMF980 Spec Sheet



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