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CLETOP Stick Type 2.0/2.5mm Cleaner - 5 pcs/pack

NTT-AT Part No.: F1-0403

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  • per pack

These easy to use CLETOP stick type 2.0/2.5mm cleaner provides the same simple and efficient cleaning as the CLETOP reel type. It is the solution for cleaning ferrule end faces in hard to reach area such as the inside of adapters.

It provides the same solvent free and lint free performance as the CLETOP reel type cleaners.


  • Two ended, one end 2.0mm and the other 2.5mm
  • Size: diameter 2.5mm(end one), 2.0mm(end two) x 127mm (L)
  • Connector Type: connectors for high definition television camera
  • 5 pcs per pack
  • Disposable


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