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298X Aluminum Oxide Flock PSA Polishing Film - 1µm Grit - Light Green Color - 5" Disc. 50pcs/pack

3M Part No.: FAO-015XN298PSA

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This film is designed for use on MT fiber optic connector polishing, plastic finishing, metal finishing and roll superfinishing.

This film is comprised of micron graded mineral that has been coated onto a fibrous(flocked) 2mil polyester film backing. It is designed to break down into a slurry during use with water. This 298X is a PSA(Pressure Sensitive Adhesive - Self Adhesive) version.

The non-PSA version is 291X.

This is a pack of 50 pcs sheet.


  • Color: Light Green
  • Micron Grade: 1 µm
  • Converted Form: 5" Disc
  • Minimum Order Quantity 50 Pack,
  • 1µm Aluminum Oxide Flock Film
  • 5" Disc
  • Great for Thermoplastic and Thermoset Connectors
  • Light Green Color
  • PSA Back
  • 2 mil Backing

3M Fiber Optic Polishing Films, MT, offer a complete polishing sequence for Thermoset and Thermoplastic fiber optic connectors. These specialized Fiber Optic Polishing Films are designed to provide consistent, controllable protrusion.

These MT Fiber Optic Polishing Films consist of precisely graded particles that are bonded to a high-strength backing. 3M Fiber Optic MT Polishing Films are engineered to produce a high first-pass yield and to minimize rework. The MT Fiber Optic Polishing Films also eliminate slurries and messy cleanup



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