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461X Silicon Carbide Lapping Film - 15µm Grit - Grey Color - 4" Disc. Pack of 50 pcs sheet.

3M Part No.: SC4XN15461X

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Tightly graded silicon carbide mineral slurry coated onto 3 mil (0.076mm) thick polyester film backings.

This is WITHOUT PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive - Self Adhesive). Please order 468X for PSA backing version.

Applications include fiber optic connector polishing, flat lapping, superfinishing, etc.

This is a pack of 50 pcs sheet.


  • Color: Grey
  • Micron Grade: 15 µm
  • Converted Form: 4" Disc
  • Sold Only In Multiples of 25 for 3M polishing films
  • Minimum Order Quantity 50 Pack
  • 15µm Silicon Carbide Lapping Film
  • 4" Disk
  • Orange Color
  • Plain Back (no PSA)
  • 3 mil Backing

3M fiber optic polishing films are known for their unsurpassed quality and high connector yield.

3M's micro graded abrasives are bonded onto a uniform polyester backing.  The precision grading of these films provide you with consistent, repeatable finishes for every step of the polishing process.

3M Fiber Optic Lapping Films are ideal for use on Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Plastic and Composite Ferrules. Each sheet of 3M Fiber Optic Lapping Film provides you with high connector yield and maximum value for your money.



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