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Base Unit with AC Adapter and 9V Battery (No plates included)

Krell Technologies Part No.: PRTX

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Proton FTTX Field Polisher is designed for field polishing environments in which cable and connector access is limited. Rather than bringing a cable to the polisher, Proton can be located in close proximity of the connector to be processed.

Proton features true, hand-held operation in a rugged and battery operated package. Applications include FTTx, CATV and avionic/harsh environments.

Production performance is now available in field environments in the form of Proton. Though portable and battery operated, Proton consistently achieves singlemode UPC and APC finishes.

Proton incorporates the same Independent Suspension (IS) and optically aligned workholder design found in Krell's mass production Scepter Polishing System.

PDF Spec Sheet Download Proton Field Polisher Spec Sheet


  • Singlemode performance
  • Complete hand-held operation
  • Independent suspension workholders
  • Supports all industry standard and mil-spec connectors/termini
  • Telcordia compliant

Optical Performance

Back Reflection

  • < -60 dB, UPC
  • < -65 dB, APC

Insertion Loss

  • < 0.25 dB, typical

Polishing Performance

Apex Offset

  • < 50 microns, maximum
  • < 15 microns, typical

Radius of Curvature

  • 10-25 mm, 2.5 mm ferrules
  • 7-20 mm, 1.25 mm ferrules
  • 5-12 mm, APC ferrules


  • 0 to -50 nm


Connector Support

  • All industry standard,
  • Mil-spec and custom connectors/termini

Process Time

  • New termination: 2 min.
  • Connector repair: < 1 min.

Polishing Pressure

  • Adjustable, linear displacement

Cycle Timing

  • User adjustable

Polishing Motion

  • Random orbital


  • 9 volt alkaline
  • AC adapter


  • 1.8 lbs


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