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SC/UPC Male to SC/APC Female Hybrid Adapter, Metal Housing, Zirconia Sleeve

Mooseline Part No.: W1FSCU-SCA

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SC/UPC Male to SC/APC Female, Metal Housing, Zirconia Sleeve

Traditional UPC and APC connectors have been incompatiable to mate together due to the air-gap created between to two mating ferrules.

This air-gap creates both undersirable high attenuation and high reflection in your network.

The M/F UPC and APC fiber optics linked to be mated together, adding flexibility to your network, while creating less than 1.0dB of insertion Loss and 50dB of Return Loss.

Note: Adding these adapters to an APC fiber optic link will increase your ORL reading to 50dB.

Note: When purchasing these adapters beware of fiber size indicated and match to your application.




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