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2 Adapter Plate Economy Wall Mount Enclosure (Unloaded)

Fosco Connect Part No.: F1-EW2X

  • $ 103.00 or

The Economy Wall Mount has capacity for (2) LGX style adapter plates. It features a cable spool, bridge stances and a mounting stud and nut to secure splice trays.

The lockable inner door (lock/key included) provides safe storage of incoming cable while allowing the technician to manipulate outgoing fiber patches.

The outer door is removable and lockable with a padlock (sold separately).

Accommodates QTY (2) splice trays approximately 7"L x 4"W (Ex. F1-SPL12).


  • 10.33" H x 12.12" W x 3.81" D


  • Splicing and Patching Capability
  • Holds (2) LGX Adapter Plates
  • Holds (2) Splice Trays
  • Hinged Outer Door, Internal Lockable Door
  • Top and Bottom Entry Holes with Dust Proof Grommets
  • Cable Management Rings Included
  • Rugged 14 Gauge Aluminum


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