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MaxCell Installation Harness, 2 Pack Chain


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MaxCell is the only flexible, multicelled, textile innerduct specifically designed for the network-construction industry.

The unique textile construction allows MaxCell to conform to the shape of cables placed within, greatly reducing the wasted space associated with rigid innerduct.

It is available in multiple configurations and lengths.

MaxCell textile innerduct can reduce labor costs by 33 percent and improve your bottom line. MaxCell maximizes conduit space, minimizes costs and allows for overlay installations without breaking ground.

MaxCell's flexibility allows for installation over existing cables - saving on costly construction and labor costs.

The standard, detectable, plenum and riser 3 in., 3-cell products are also available in red and blue. All product lines offer the choice of a custom color as well. For more information, contact your local sales representative.

Standard Product Line

The standard MaxCell product is a versatile solution for the complex problems faced by engineers, contractors and network providers.

Manufactured from internally produced monofilaments, this model yields superior performance over existing rigid innerduct.



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