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Corning Midspan Buffer Tube Access Tool - 5mm to 24mm

Corning Cable Systems Part No.: UAT3-000

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The tool is designed to access cables containing tubes from 5 to 24 mm in outer diameter. The tool can be driven either manually with the handle provided or with a cordless drill attached to the 3/8-inch hexagonal power adapter built into the drive shaft.

>> Download UAT3-000 Mid Access Tool Instruction Manual (PDF)

This tool kit has the following contents:

  • UAT III tool (p/n UAT3-000)
  • UAT III tool crank handle (separate from the tool) (p/n 3230079-01)
  • 3/8-inch open-end wrench (p/n 3222008-01)
  • Plastic gauge card (p/n 3230080-01)
  • Small screw driver (p/n 100302-01
  • Replacement blades (4) (p/n UAT3-BLADES)
  • Replacement springs (2) (p/n UAT3-SPRINGS)
  • UAT III operating manual (SRP-004-074)

For access to smaller diameter cables, you can use Corning's OFT-000 access tool



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