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Aerotech AFC-3000 In-Adapter Ferrule Cleaner for LC (Includes LC tip)

Aerotech Part No.: AFC-3000LC

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This is the Aerotech AFC-3000 in-adapter ferrule cleaner with LC tip included.

Aerotech AFC-3000 in-adapter ferrule cleaner can remove 99.5% of contamination on connector end-faces and bulk-heads. This easy to use cleaner can clean a connector in less than 5 seconds with no physical work.

Download AFC-3000 Specification Sheet

Designed for simple operation, this unit removes grease, dust, organic & inorganic contamination with a single push of a button. Simply plug connector or bulkhead into adapter and pull the trigger to have a clean connection in seconds.

This portable, water-proof, lightweight device uses new innovative technology for cleaning applications. Contains disposable cartridges able to clean 200 to 400 connectors with a single cartridge.

Product Features

  • Superior Cleaning
  • Innovative Technology
  • Battery Powered
  • Portable
  • Automated Operation
  • Fast - Approx. 3 seconds
  • Light Weight
  • Rugged
  • Dry Process
    • Applications
    • Optical Components
    • Patch Panel
    • Test Instrument
    • Systems
  • In-Adapter Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning
  • Disposable Cartridge
  • 600 Cleanings per Cartridge
  • Removes Grease, Dust, and Other Organic and Inorganics Contaminants
  • Consistent and Effective Cleaning
  • Device Can Be Suited to Fit Male/Female Types of Connectors and Adapters


  • Cartridge Size Options: 1.25mm(included), 2.5mm long, 2.5mm short
  • Cleaning Cartridge Capacity: 600 cleanings
  • Operating Noise: <= 45 dbA
  • Operaing Temperature: -10 ~ 40°C
  • Storage Temperature: -30 ~ 60°C
  • Power Supply (DC): 2 AA batteries (3V)
  • Weight: 14 oz.


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