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AFL S015669 Fujikura 70R Fusion Splicer

AFL Part No.: S015669

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The AFL Fujikura 70R Fusion Splicer splices single fibers or ribbon fiber up to 12 fibers with a total splice process time of only 55 seconds. It has a fixed v-groove splicing blade, is shock, dust and moisture resistant and includes an impact resistant monitor. Automated wind protector closes to start the splicing process and opens upon completion. Auto-start "clam-shell design" tube heater applies heat to both sides of the splice, resulting in a 40-second splice time. See SPECIFICATIONS tab for complete technical specs.

The AFL 70R includes AC adapter & cord, spare electrodes, fiber holder, USB cable, alcohol dispenser, screwdriver, sleeve loader, carry strap, quick reference guide, video instructions, internet software upgrades and a multi-function transit case with integrated work station. The AFL S015669 Fujikura 70R Fusion Splicer is a direct replacement for the discontinued AFL S014533 FSM-60R12 Fusion Splicer.



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