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Aluminum Splice Tray (Fusion Splice 6 Position Rigid)

Mooseline Part No.: F1-6707H

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FOFS Aluminum Splice Tray (Fusion Splice 6 Position Rigid).

The FOFS Aluminum Splice Tray is available with four splice holding chip selections. In addition to the standard 12 position fusion and mechanical splice chip, purchase a 12 position bare fiber chip. Also available is a 6 position rigid fusion version.

The FOFS Splice Tray is provided with a user installable press-on 'L' bracket when user desires looping to exit or enter side.

Splice Tray Features:

  • Plastic coated aluminum
  • Foam padded cover
  • Radius sides and punched end holes
  • Complete instructions include how tray is installed into F1-2010 interconnect.
  • Dimensions 7.5" L x 4" W x .63" H


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