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Anritsu CMA5000A Mainframe - Medium Bay - 4 Module Capacity

Anritsu Part No.: 5000A-250-DC

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Anritsu CMA5000A Mainframe - Medium Bay - 4 Module Capacity

Anritsu CMA5000A Mainframe - Multi-layer Network Test Platform

A powerful Windows-based unit, with large 10.4" color display, 40GB hard drive, touch screen and hard key user interfaces has several optics options to cover any testing needs from singlemode to multimode, from 24 to 50dB.

Includes Windows XP Pro Desktop and built-in DVD/CD-RW drive. Additional OTDR packages available.

Test Gigabit Ethernet, DWDM, SONET, OTDR, ORL, PMD, and CD all with the same easy-to-use multi-layer test platform.


  • Modular, Multi-layer Test & Measurement Platform
  • 10.4" LCD touch screen
  • Full Range of Modules: OTDR, PMD, CD, Ethernet, SONET, OSA
  • Dedicated Testing Modes Simplify OTDR Operation

From Physical Plant Integrity to Bandwidth Verification, Amplifier Tuning to Transport Optimization, the CMA5000a is the Only Tool You Will Need!

OTDR†- The CMA5000a Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) application reduces the time to install, commission, and maintain fiber spans. Featuring a multitude of available wavelengths, up to 50 dB of dynamic range, and dead zones of about 1.0 m, the OTDR application is the ideal solution for testing long-haul backbone networks, Metro/Access networks and FTTx deployments that incorporate passive optical networks (PONs). The CMA5000A OTDR application also features SCPI command support for remote operation or automated testing routines.

From fiber installation to service deployment, the CMA5000a is designed to maximize network performance and accelerate the deployment of new services. Critical network parameters and performance can be monitored and network impairments quickly identified to accelerate the deployment of new services.

Results can then be easily documented by the powerful Windows based platform simplifying and reducing the non-revenue generating activities associated with operating an optical network.A modular design with different size bay adapters allows you to customize your test set as needed adding further value.

As the leader in optical fiber and network characterization, the CMA5000a offers all the test applications required for comprehensive physical layer characterization, including: OTDR, Chromatic Dispersion, Polarization Mode Dispersion, Loss Test Set, and Optical Return Loss. Supplemental tools such as a Visual Fault Locator and Video Inspection Probe are also available for a complete testing solution.

Once the fiber is certified, equipment turn-up, optimization and troubleshooting of the transport layers can be performed for key technologies including: SONET/SDH/PDH, OTN and Ethernet - ensuring your network is performing as it should.

Download Product Spec Sheet:

Anritsu CMA5000A Mainframe Spec Sheet(PDF)



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