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Corning Cable System CCH-02U Closet Connector Housings - Holds 4 CCH Connector Panels

Corning Cable Systems Part No.: CCH-02U

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Corning Cable Systems Closet Connector Housings (CCHs) provide interconnect or cross-connect capabilities between the outside plant, riser, or distribution cables, and the opto-electronics.

The units can be rack-mounted in 19-in (48 cm) or 23-in (58 cm) equipment racks (1.75-in EIA hole spacing) and occupies two rack spaces. This unit accepts up to 4 Corning Cable System CCH series connector panels.

Documentation labels are provided and units or components can be added as needed to construct a fiber distribution frame for any application.

CCH connector panels are not included and must be ordered separately.


  • Ideal for field connectorization
  • Suitable for loose tube, tight-buffered and optical fiber ribbon cables
  • Mounting configurations include standard 4.5-in (11.4 cm) frontal projection, partially flush and flush mount
  • Multiple locations for jumper egress
  • Accepts CCH connector panels or modules
  • Slide-out drawer for easy connector access
  • Lock can be field-installed
  • Meets requirements of ANSI/TIA/EIA-568A and 606
  • Brackets included for rack mounting in 19-in or 23-in equipment racks

Optional items available:

  • HDWR-LOCK-KIT: Lock kit for front door of housing; contains one lock and two keys
  • FDC-CABLE-GRND: Armored cable grounding kit; contains armor grouding clip and ground strap
  • CJP-01U: Closet jumper management panel; provides jumper management in a 1.75 inch rack space
  • CJP-02U: Closet jumper management panel; provides jumper management in a 3.5 inch rack space


CCH series connector panels and modules must be ordered separately.



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