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CLETOP Male MT, MTP, MPO Reel Connector Cleaner - White Tape - Male MT, MTP, MPO

NTT-AT Part No.: 6270MT

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This CLETOP reel cleaner is designed for cleaning male MT, male MTP and male MPO connectors(with pins). It provides lint free, solvent free thorough removal of dust, dirt, oil, and grease from ferrule end face without the risk of scratches.

The compact design is ideal for cleaning connectors in the field. Each reel tape provides over 400 cleanings.


  • Special ultra-fine 2µm micro-fibers dry woven polyester film deliver fast and complete removal of oil, dust and grease
  • Cleans ferrule endfaces quickly and easily, without alcohol, liquids, or gases
  • Size: 150x80x40 mm. Palm-sized and lightweight
  • Connector Type: Male MTRJ(with pins), Male MT(with pins), Male MPO(with pins)
  • Cleaning tape is replaceable and cost effective



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