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SC Zirconia Ferrule 125µm Multimode Connector, UV Cure

Corning Cable Systems Part No.: 95-100-06R

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SC Zirconia Ferrule 125µm Multimode Connector, UV Cure.The Corning Cable Systems Ultraviolet (UV)-Cure Glass-Insert Connectors (GIC) are pre-assembled, reducing the number of parts that must be put on in the field.

There are only three pieces: the boot, the strain-relief and the connector body. The UV-Cure Glass-Insert connector has the quick curing and forgiving polish that makes it one of the easiest epoxy and polish field-installable connectors in the industry.Termination requires less than three minutes with a scrap rate of 1% or less.

The key to the glass-insert connector design is the patented ferrule that has a glass insert incorporated into a ceramic sleeve. This glass insert does two things.

First, it allows the installer to use a UV-curable adhesive to bond the fiber into the ferrule. This adhesive is self-contained in a syringe. It has no pot life, so there is little waste.The per connector consumables cost is less than 30 cents.

Second, the glass insert protrudes from the ceramic sleeve and is actually polished along with the fiber. This lets the installer polish aggressively without fear of undercutting or shattering the fiber.These occurrences are the most common reasons for scrap in terminating connectors.



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