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SC Zirconia Ferrule 125µm Multimode Connector, Anaerobic Cure

Corning Cable Systems Part No.: 95-100-16

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SC Zirconia Ferrule 125µm Multimode Connector, Anaerobic Cure.

The Corning Cable Systems Anaerobic-Cure Glass-Insert ST† compatible and SC multimode Connector (GIC) is designed to incorporate all the polishing advantages of the glass-in-ceramic ferrule with the quick cure installation of anaerobic adhesives.

The parts have been pre-assembled to save you time and to improve productivity. Utilizing a metal ferrule holder, the Anaerobic-Cure GIC can be assembled on 900 †µm fiber or 3-mm jacketed cable.

The anaerobic adhesive uses a two-part process. The adhesive is first injected in the ferrule. The fiber is then dipped into the primer and inserted into the connector. Curing takes one minute without the use of lamps or ovens. With the glass-in-ceramic ferrule, the anaerobic adhesive adheres uniformly to the inside of the glass-insert, ensuring proper curing through the entire length of the ferrule, including the tip, thus allowing a quick and easy hand polish. The glass insert rapidly polishes to the desired finish without the laborious and difficult hand polishing of ceramic.

The Corning Cable Systems ST compatible and SC glassinsert multimode connectors can be completely assembled and polished in less than three minutes.



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