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Coyote (8.5" x 22") for Unitube Cable, 6-Port Endplate, Up to 8 Trays/288 Fibers

Preformed Line Products Part No.: 8006541

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8.5" x 22" (21.59 cm x 55.88 cm) COYOTE Closure Kit (for unitube type fiber applications). Includes one Three-Section End Plate, one Blank End Plate, Transition Compartment Kit, four Transport Tube Kits, and Transition Tube Kit.

The Coyote Closure Series is affordable, reliable, durable and tested in accordance with Telcordia standards. These closures ensure long-term reliability and quality of voice, video, and data signals.

Made of injection molded highdensity thermoplastic, the shells are built to last in any environment. Closing hardware on the shell is captive, making closing and re-entry simple. The neoprene gasket, proven effective in our other closures, provides an airtight, waterproof seal. No expensive re-entry kits are required.

Splice trays are sold separately.

Download PLP Coyote Closure Spec Sheet



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