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COYOTE PUP Closure Kit for Loose Tube Applications - Holds 4 Trays, 48 Single Fiber

Preformed Line Products Part No.: 8006622

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The COYOTE PUP Closure offers a perfect choice for low fiber count distribution applications. The compact size ( 8-5/8" x 17.0" x 7-1/4" ) and ease of application make the COYOTE PUP Closure the best choice for applications requiring up to 48 fiber splices.

The COYOTE PUP Closure contains unique fiber management systems with compact, user-friendly 12-fiber splice trays and shorter shell halves. Plus, all the other features of our innovative COYOTE Closure are incorporated into this smaller size, minimizing the need for additional part numbers and inventory. This compatibility also allows your COYOTE PUP Closure to expand or grow into a COYOTE Closure in the future with minimal cost or disruption to the existing fibers.

The permanent neoprene gasket in the shell halves and the proven LOCK-TAPE Sealing System for the End Plate and cable seals mean the COYOTE PUP Closure meets the same rigid performance standards as the COYOTE Closure in aerial, underground or buried applications. The same accessories used in the COYOTE Closure are also available for the COYOTE PUP Closure.

1. Size: 17(L) x 8-5/8(W) x 7-1/4(H) inch
2. Splice Tray Capacity: Up to four 12 count single fiber splice trays (P/N: 80806033), 48 single fiber splices; or up to two 72 count ribbon mass fusion splice trays (P/N: 80807114), 144 mass fusion splices.

Closure, one Three-Section Six Port End Plate, one Blank End Plate and Storage Compartment.

Splice trays must be ordered separately and are not included in this kit.


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