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COYOTE LCC for copper - includes two 2-hole grommets

Preformed Line Products Part No.: COYLCC-C002

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The COYOTE Terminal Closure is the ideal choice for network designs that can be adapted as your network grows.

The Terminal Closure is available in a single or dual chamber configuration.

Externally mounted OptiTap style hardened adapters allow for future installation of hardened drops without closure re-entry.

Additional drop capacity can be achieved through cable entry ports in the closure base, providing additional flexibility to support closures deeper in your network.

The patented dual chamber design provides two distinct chambers that can be configured differently.

Each chamber can support externally mounted hardened adapters, standard splice and storage applications or an internally mounted cross-connect bulkhead.

A sealed window designed within the dual chamber allows fiber to be passed between chambers.

With a new 12-port cover, the single chamber design can support up to 12 hardened adapters and the dual chamber can support up to 24.

The flexible grommet system, the ability to add/remove adapters in the field and the ability to interchange covers to address different applications make the COYOTE Terminal Closure family the best choice for networks today where change is the only constant.


  • Innovative end plate design features two 1 1/4 in. ports at each end of the closure
  • Features the latest generation of COYOTE end plate and seal system technology
  • User-friendly express capabilities
  • Simple installation - no special tools or torque wrench required
  • Interoperability with Corning Cable Systems products
  • COYOTE Terminal Closure - dual chamber, hermetically sealed - includes six SC/APC pigtails
  • Bulkhead with six SC/APC feed-thru adapters - 17.5 in. x 10 in. x 7 in. (445 mm x 254 mm x 178 mm)
  • COYOTE LCC for copper - includes two 2-hole grommets, two MINI-MORAY shield connectors, and one bonding link with sleeve

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