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Corning Fiber-Clean Wipe - 45 Wipes Tub, Ground Shipment Only

Corning Cable Systems Part No.: FC451

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Fiber-Clean towelettes are specifically designed to improve the efficiency of cleaning telecommunication cabling.

This cleaner contains several novel components that easily remove buffer tube gels, waterblocking compounds, and contaminants on an optical fiber prior to splicing and connectorization.

Fiber-Clean towelettes contain 100% pure cleaning agents with no water added. It is characterized as a clear, non-slimy liquid that evaporates quickly without leaving a residue.

The Fiber-Clean towelette dispenser contains premoistened towelettes. This convenient dispenser can replace individual foil packets, sprays, and refillable pump bottles.


  • Appearance: White towelettes saturated with clear liquid
  • Towelettes: Synthetic blend, 6"x7.5"
  • Environmental: No ozone depleting chemicals(ODC), chlorinated solvents, CFCs, or HCFCs
  • Compatibility: Tested for stripping force with most common fiber coatings in accordance with Telcordia GR-20
  • Fiber-Clean towelettes are 100% pure, with superior solvency to clean almost all contamination, including cable gel, (waterblocking compound), handling soils and particulate including elastomeric coating.

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