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Fluke Networks OTDR Add-on Kit for DTX CableAnalyzers

Fluke Networks Part No.: DTX-OTDR-KIT

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Fluke Networks' new compact OTDR module is the latest enhancement to the DTX CableAnalyzer - A revolutionary test platform. In addition to performing copper certification and diagnostics, your team can become fiber test experts when you decide to grow your business and turn your cable tester into an OTDR.

This full featured, compact OTDR module snaps onto a DTX mainframe and smart remote, options for copper certification, optical loss/length capability, or order a module and software that can be installed on your own DTX CableAnalyzer.

Product Features:

  • DTX Cable Analyzer - One Revolutionary Test Platform for Both Copper and Fiber Testing.
  • Test and Troubleshoot Fiber like and expert with Easy to Use DTX Compact OTDR.
  • Shoot OTDR Traces on Singlemode and Multimode Links at: 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1550nm.
  • Perform basic loss/Length certification & extend Certification with one powerful cable tester.
  • Diagnose hard to find fiber failures with DTX Compact OTDR and Resolve simple cable faults polarity problems with built-in VFL.
  • Produce professional certification test reports with LinkWare results management software.


  • 850/1300/1310/1550 OTDR Modular
  • Launch Fiber
  • Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit
  • Protective Carrying Case for DTX Compact OTDR and Fiber Accessories


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