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Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit with 200x Microscope

Mooseline Part No.: F1-0053CKM

  • $ 310.00 or

The fiber optic cleaning kit with microscope has everything you need to clean all types of fiber optic connectors including SC, ST, FC, LU, MU and SMA. It even has a 200x microscope to inspec your cleaning effort.

The cleaning kit includes:

  • 1x carry case
  • 2.5mm foam swabs (5 pk)
  • 1.25mm wrapped swabs (5 pk)
  • Fiber optic lint-free wipes
  • Alchol wipes
  • 1x Reel connecotr cleaner
  • 1x 10oz canned air duster
  • 4 oz. bottle of Alcohol
  • 1x 200x connector inspection microscope


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