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TLC 6 Strands 62.5/125µm Multimode Dry Central Loose Tube Outdoor Cable

TLC Part No.: M62-DL06-C3NEBL

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TLC Dry Central Loose Tube cable is fully waterblocked outdoor cable. The cable consists of a central tube surrounded by super aborbent polymer technology, encased in durable, UV resistant and non-abrasive outer jacket.

Loose tube design isolates fibers from environmental rigors but allows ease of stripping. Medium polyethylene jacket is rugged, durable and fade resistant.

Available with Corning InfiniCor 300, InifiCor 600, InfiniCor SX+ 10 Gigbit Mutlimiode fibers and SMF28-XB single mode fibers. Many fiber counts are avaialble.

Cable Outside Diameter: 6mm

New Part Number: M62DL063NRBL25



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