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Tempo 701K Classic Tone and Probe Kit

Tempo Part No.: 701K

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When it comes to wire identification, there's no better tool to have than the†701K Classic Tone & Probe Kit, from the world's largest manufacturer of tone & probe kits!

This popular tone & probe kit is used by technicians everywhere to identify single conductors or cables within a bundle at a cross-connect point, or at remote ends.

Kit Contents:

  • 77HP High Power Tone Generator
  • 200 EP Inductive Amplifier
  • Rugged, woven polyester 700C Dual Carrying Case

Tempo- Progressive 200EP Inductive Amplifier Probe

  • Powerful receiver gain permits accurate identification
  • Great for congested cable bundles and equipment rooms
  • LED for visual signal strength indication
  • Volume control for more precise identification
  • Recessed tabs for buttset or headset connection included
  • Powerful two inch speaker included
  • On/Off button which helps conserve battery life
  • Battery-operated (9V not included)


(1) 9V Battery, Nominal Life 50 Hours
Probe Tip Resistance
Metal 0 Ohms, Plastic 300 Ohms Minimum
Input Impedance
100M Ohms
26 dB
1.125 in. x 2.125 in. x 9.0 in.
5.5 oz with Battery

Tempo 77HP High Power Tone Generator

When it comes to tone generators, more technicians choose Progressive Electronics (Tempo) over any other brand. The 77HP Tone Generator has become an industry standard component in the tool kits of technicians in all of the premise and outside plant wiring industries.

By applying a tone signal to a wire pair or single conductor, and used with an inductive amplifier (probe), the tone generator permits technicians to identify that conductor within a bundle, at a cross-connect point or at the remote end.

These tone generators can be used on twisted pair wiring (telecom, datacom, etc.), single conductors coaxial cables, de-energized AC wiring and just about any other wiring you can think of.

The 77HP Tone Generators provides the four basic functions of tone signal, continuity testing, talk battery supply and line polarity confirmation.



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