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Dataready Tool kit

Paladin Tools Part No.: 901053

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PA-901053 Paladin Tools CAT5 Installation DataReady Kit

The Paladin Tools 901053 DataReady tool kit includes everything needed to install CAT 5 cables -- all in a convenient zippered case. This Category 5 datacom tool set includes all-in-one crimper, punch down tool, data cable cutter, continuity tester, and 20 RJ45 connectors.

If you're installing CAT 5 cables, get the job done right with the Paladin Tools DataReady tool kit.

The Greenlee Paladin Tools PA-901053 DataReady Tool Kit is a complete solution for CAT 5e terminating. Crimper allows you to crimp, cut and strip RJ45, RJ11/RJ12 and RJ22 handset plugs, plus cut and strip 28- to 22- AWG round UTP/STP phone, data, and flat satin cable.

Paladin Kit also includes the SurePunch punchdown tool with 66/110 blade, Data SureStrip cutter/stripper, 20 RJ45 connectors, the LAN ID continuity tester and Cable Check network identifier. Complete kit organized in a soft zipper case.

Use the Paladin Tools 901053 premium DataReady Tool Kit for CAT 5e telecom terminating jobs. The 1556 WE/SS Low-Cost All-in-One Data and Telephone Tool has crimping cavities for RJ45, RJ11/RJ12 and RJ22 handset modular plugs. Use it to cut and strip 28- to 22-AWG round UTP/STP phone and data cable plus flat satin phone cable. The SurePunch PDT reduces time and effort. Soft, rubber-embedded handle with cushioned heel decreases hand strain. Includes 66/110 reversible blade.

Use the 1116 Data SureStrip to cut and strip all UTP/STP, 25-pair multi-conductor cable, four-, six- and eight-conductor flat satin data plus coaxial cables. The 1576 Data/Link ID multi-purpose continuity tester and Cable-Check network identifier test UTP, STP and flat satin cables with RJ45 terminations. Identify data and link transmission speeds. Detect PC (NIC) and HUB data transmissions plus NLP or FLP link pulse. You also get 20 RJ45 connectors.
Kit comes in a durable zipper case. This 2.65-pound kit is 11" x 7.75" x 3".
Kit Contents:
  • Data SureStrip Cat5e, Cat6, Phone Cutter/Stripper
  • All-in-One Data & Phone Tool (WE/SS-style)
  • SurePunch Handle
  • 110/66 Blade - SurePunch & SurePunch Pro PDTs
  • Data/Link ID and Cable-Check
  • RJ45 WE/SS 8P8C Modular Plugs(Cat5e, Cat5) - 10 pack

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