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Universal Breakout Kit - Orange Furcation Tube for Multimode Fibers

Mooseline Part No.: F1-5527

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This universal breakout kit provides the ability to install 1.2mm or 3.0mm furcation tube (jacket) over the 250µm coated fibers from multifiber loose tube cables.

Connectors then can be installed directly onto the 1.2mm or 3.0mm furcastion tube.

The furcation tube contains an inner pull string for easy fiber installation.

It also contains detailed instruction and materials to prepare cable ends for connectorization.

This kit includes:

  • 25 meters of 3.0mm furcation tube (jacket, orange colored)
  • 25 meters of 1.2mm furcation tube (jacket, orange colored)
  • 1 pc of 13mm diameter black shrink tube
  • 1 pc of 26mm diamter black shrink tube
  • 2 gel remover packs
  • 2 two gram Hysol Epoxy packs
  • 8 pcs of adhesive shrink tubes
  • 12 pcs of clear shrink tube


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