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ConnectorMax PC Analysis Kit w/ 200X/400X Video Inspection Probe and USB2 Converter


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EXFO ConnectorMax PC Analysis Kit with FIP-400-P-Dual 200X/400X Dual Magnification Video Inspection Probe and USB2 Converter.

This kit includes the following items:

  • FPSA-PC: ConnectorMax software for single fiber connectors (includes viewer software for single fiber connector Pass/Fail analysis, single fiber reporting tool for report generation and documentation)
  • FIP-400-USB2: USB 2.0 converter module
  • FIP-400-P-DUAL: 200X/400X dual magnification video inspection probe
  • 1x FIPT-400-FC-SC: FC-SC bulkhead adapter tip
  • 1x FIPT-400-U25M: universal 2.5mm ferrule connector patchcord inspection tip
  • Compartmented plastic case for tips
  • Soft carrying case (GP-10-073)

Note(s): This kit will work on any Laptop or PC with USB 2.0 port

Download Product Spec Sheet:

FPSA-PC ConnectorMax Software Spec Sheet (PDF)

FIP-400-P-Single FIP-400 Video Inspection Probe Spec Sheet (PDF)

FIP-400 Video Inspection Probe Guide (PDF)



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