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Mohawk 9µm Single Mode Tactical Fiber Optic Cable - 4 Strands

Mohawk Part No.: M96639

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Mohawk 9/125µm OS2 Single Mode Tactical Fiber Optic Cable - 4 Strands (4 Fibers)

Mohawk's newly redesigned tactical fiber cable is designed to military mechanical standards to offer a ruggedized construction that will stand up to harsh field abuse.

Constructed for tight bend tolerances, maximum performance and reliability, Mohawk's tactical fiber cable is a sure fit in today's harsh applications. This re-deployable cable is ideal for use in broadcast applications, military communications, mining and industrial applications.

Mohawk's tactical fiber is designed to perform at the highest standards, even when exposed to the elements and tight bend radiuses. Manufactured with tight buffered fibers, aramid yarns and a polyurethane outer jacket, these cables are resilient, abrasion and cut-thru resistant, and resistant to crushing.

In addition, the cables are smaller and lighter than most traditional cables used in these applications. This results in a smaller bend radius capability and improved flexibility in a broad range of outdoor temperatures and weather conditions.

Mooseline also offers Mohawk tactical fiber in factory pre-terminated assemblies. SC/ST/LC/FC fan-outs or SMPTE 358 hermaphroditic connectors are available in custom lengths. Assemblies on re-deployable reels can also be purchased from Mooseline. Pleasecall 1-888-883-3637 for more information.

Recommended Applications:

  • Re-deployable audio/video communications
  • ENG vehicles
  • Military communications
  • Mining and industrial applications
  • Outdoor sporting, news or other broadcast events

Product Features:

  • Rugged jacket
  • Durable design for repeated deployment
  • Designed to military standards
  • Superior level of crush resistance
  • Small and lightweight

Mechanical & Environmental Characteristics:

  • Crush Resistance (EIA-455-41) 440 N/cm
  • Impact Resistance (EIA-455-25) 200 Impacts w/2.2 N-m
  • Flexure (EIA-455-104) 2000 Cycles min.
  • Min. Bend Radius Long Term 8x Cable diameter No Load
  • Min. Bend Radius Short Term 15x Cable diameter Load
  • Operating Temp. (EIA-455-3) 55†­C to +85†­C
  • Storage Temp. (EIA-455-3) 70†­C to +85†­C

Product Spec Sheet:

Mohawk Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Spec Sheet



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