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Closure-UG Serviseal For SerV.Wire Up To 5" (1.5" X 5.5")

Preformed Line Products Part No.: 8006137

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The Enhanced Ranger SERVISEAL Closure provides long-term protection for buried service wire splices up to six pairs (0.500" [13mm]) cable diameter).

Installation of the Ranger SERVISEAL Closure is fast and easy.

After preparing the service wires, simply lay them within the grooves in the cap, lay the exposed cable shield within the Bonding Connector and tighten.

Splices on the individual pairs are easily organized around the integral Insertion Ram.

A twist and a snap secures the pre-filled vial over the splices.


  • New design - only two components, prefilled vial cap and integral insertion ram and bonding connector
  • Vial prefilled with field proven POLY-BEE sealant for maximum splicing capacity
  • Octagon-shaped vial for easy application and maximum splicing capacity
  • Enhanced integral bonding connector
  • Positive locking feature to insure proper application and to discourage re-use

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