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9.5 x 28" Dome Loose 7 - Section endplate,Holds 7 Lite - Grip or 13 low profile long splice trays

Preformed Line Products Part No.: 80061055

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COYOTE Dome for Buffer Tube (Loose Tube); 9.5" x 28"

The COYOTE Dome Closure Family has increased in size! The new 9.5" x 28" High Capacity Dome Closure is available in three different configurations and can also be used with 9.5" Armadillo Stainless shells, further expanding the possibilities to address your network needs. The innovative, segmented end plate design in the new 9.5" diameter offers 7 cable entrance ports capable of accepting cables with a maximum diameter of 1.25" (32 mm). The unique design allows each cable entrance to be accessed without disruption to the surrounding cables. The new end plate accepts the full line of multi-hole grommets designed to ensure the ultimate flexibility and high capacity to meet the demands of ever evolving communication networks.

The COYOTE Dome Closure was built from the ground up using the same craft-friendly fiber management technology that placed the COYOTE family among the most respected and reliable in the industry. Re-entry is quick and requires no special tools or re-entry kits. Both the 6.5" and 9.5" designs are also convertible to closure shells for in-line applications or to provide additional drop capacity. For connectivity solutions, the COYOTE Dome closures are also available in cross-connect configurations. By combining these features with a wide offering of splice trays and accessories, PLP has the ability to address virtually any network design.

The COYOTE Dome Closure is tested in accordance with the demanding requirements of the Telcordia GR-771-CORE specification for all aerial, buried and underground environments. Manufactured in accordance with ISO9001:2000 procedures to assure quality and backed by the experience and field support that PLP has been noted for since 1947.

Key Features

  • Available Sizes: 6.5" x 17" (17cm x 43cm), 6.5" x 22" (17cm x 56cm), 9.5" x 28" (24cm x 71 cm)
  • Patented segmented End Plate design provides independent access to every cable
  • 6.5" End Plate: 4 entry ports accepting max cable diameter of 1" (32mm)
  • 9.5" End Plate: 7 entry ports accepting max cable diameter of 1" (32mm)
  • Fiber Organizers and End Plates come fully assembled minimizing the parts to handle
  • Simple to use multi hole and single hole grommets provide the ability to support high drop capacities
  • No special tools or torque wrenches required for installation
  • Collar system allows for quick re-entry
  • Tested in accordance to Telcordia GR-771 CORE
  • RDUP listed (RUS) for all applications. Contact PLP for further details
  • Accepts a wide variety of PLP splice trays
  • Patented End Plate Design




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