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Hydrasol Solvent - One Gallon Jug ( Ground Shipment Only)

Polywater Part No.: 1091GP

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HydraSol Gel Remover is an unique approach in cable cleaning materials. It is a water-based solvent cleaner that offers unique safety and handling. HydraSol Gel Remover is amazingly effective at dissolving and removing cable filling greases (ickypic).

It has maximum solvency power on PE/PJ or ETPR Greases. It has no chlorinated solvent, CFC, or glycol ether content.

HydraSol Remover's components are on the FDA's and FEMA's "generally recognized as safe" lists. They have low toxicity whether by oral, inhalation or dermal exposure. The product is water-based (over 50% water) and easily rinse off hands and tools with water.

Please note: Item Ground Shipment Only


  • Solvency Power: At 6°F (2°C), will dissolve .020" (.5 mm) film of PE/PJ or ETPR grease completely from cable jacket with less than two minutes of vigorous agitation (no wiping).
  • Water Base: Greater than 50% water content.
  • Appearance: Milky-white liquid.
  • Percent non-volatile solids: Less than 2%.
  • Chlorinated Solvent, CFC, or Glycol Ether Content: None.
  • Clean-up: Can be rinsed off with water.
  • Combustibility: Will self-extinguish in under five seconds when wicked onto 00 steel wool and ignited.

Download HydraSol MSDS from here



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