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Polywater SqueekyKleen Telcom Cleaner 6-oz Bottle with Flip Top

Polywater Part No.: TC-16LF

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Polywater SqueekyKleen Telcom Cleaner 6-oz Bottle with Flip Top

New SqueekyKleen cleans and fans fiber in two wipes without alcohol, saving time and money. Hear the difference! No follow-up with alcohol required to get fibers squeaky clean and separated when prepping for splicing.

SqueekyKleen is less harsh on hands and reduces chemical odors and vapor concentrations to a minimum in splice trailers and vaults.

SqueekyKleen's unique formulation and specially designed high-performance towelette work to remove pik from the entire surface of loose-tube or ribbon fibers, leaving no residue.

SqueekyKleen helps keep splice equipment clean of contamination for better fiber alignment and splice quality. Safe on acrylate and Mylar.


  • Cleans off pik without the use of alcohol
  • Minimal wiping (2 wipes only)
  • No residue
  • Safe to use on ribbon fiber
  • Fans fiber quickly
  • Cleans fiber squeaky clean Tested and approved


  • Cleaning: When wiping a 3-foot section of 12-count fiber from a buffer tube, the pre-saturated towel will squeak and fan fibers with 2 wipes.
  • Solvency Power: At 68†­ F (20†­C), will dissolve .020" (.5mm) film of PE/PJ or ETPR grease completely from cable jacket with less than two minutes of vigorous agitation (no wiping).
  • Residue: When placed on a clean glass panel and dried, the solvent shall not leave any visible residue (<100 ppm).
  • Water Content: When tested by the ASTM 1533B method, water content shall be less than 75 ppm.
  • Flash Point: When tested via a Pensky-Martin Closed Cup Test (ASTM D93), the cleaner shall have a flash point above 140†­F.

Download Polywater SqueekyKleen Cable Cleaner Technical Data Sheet



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