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6"x22" COYOTE Closure Kit for Loose Tube Applications - Holds 4 Trays, 144 Single Fiber
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6"x22" COYOTE Closure Kit for Loose Tube Applications - Holds 4 Trays, 144 Single Fiber

Preformed Line Products Part No.: 8006560

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Its compact size disguises its storage capacity. At just 22" long, 6.0" in diameter, it can store up to 288 fiber splices, using mass fusion splicing. Craft-friendly, affordable, reliable, durable and tested in accordance with Bellcore Testing Requirement GR-771-CORE and UL 1863, the COYOTE Closure has proven well worth the effort. This is the closure that will ensure long-term reliability and quality of the signal -- voice, video and data.

  • Fiber management system includes splice trays for mass or single splicing (fusion and mechanical).
  • Three-section End Plate has six cable entry ports, captive hardware, strength member tie-off, isolated grounds and requires no field drilling.
  • Durable glass-filled high-density thermoplastic shells. 6.0" in diameter. Built-in shell stabilizers and air valve.
  • Field-proven, permanent neoprene gasket sealing system. No re-entry kits needed. No flame required to break the seal or to install.
  • LOCK-TAPE Sealing System ensures a tight, permanently sealed End Plate assembly and maximum shear strength to resist cable pull out.

The Three-Section Six Port End Plate accommodates up to four 7/8" cables and two 3/4" cables. Additional grommets are available for multiple smaller cable entries in one grommet. Please check the attached PDF spec sheet for more information.


  • Size: 22(L) x 8.5(W) x 7(H) inch
  • Splice Tray Capacity: Holds up to four (P/N: 80805110) 36 count single fiber splice trays; or up to two (P/N: 80805146) 144 count(mass fusion, 96 count for mass mechanical splice) ribbon splice tray.


  • Closure, one Three-Section Six Port End Plate, one Blank End Plate, and Storage Compartment Kit.


  • This kit is for loose tube applications.
  • Splice trays must be ordered separately and are not included in this kit.

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