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Replacement Reel 500 Refill for F1-6712

Mooseline Part No.: F1-6713

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  • 500 Cleaning Swipes Available
  • For Use On ST/SC/FC/E2000/LC Connector styles
  • Microfiber cleaning fabric avoids any scratching
  • View Window To Show Remaining Fabric Inside Tool
  • Measurements: 120mm (L) x 80mm (H) x 25mm (W)

This unique handheld connector ferrule end face cleaner removes dust, dirt and contaminates prior to mating a fibre optic connection.

The FiberSwipe 500 is ergonomically designed to fit well in a technicians hands with a convenient trigger taht automatically opens the top cleaning window to expose a single microfibre cleaning slot.

Simply wipe the ferrule end face with light pressure against the microfibre following the directional arrow then release the trigger.

The unit reloads the cleaning slot with a new strip. Approx 500 cleaning cycles. Easy fit replacement cleaning reel



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