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2.5mm ROTOWIPE Cleaner

Mooseline Part No.: F1-6710

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The ferrule cleaner is convenient for cleaning connector endfaces from inside bulkheads or mating sleeve without removing connector from thhe back panel.

Simply choose from the 2.5mm or 1.25mm ferrule version,insert into the mating sleeve until cleaning tip with fabric gently touches the ferrule endface,then turn the gray rotator dial 2-3 clicks clockwise.

Inspect for cleanliness if desired with a vedio Microscope.

You can utilize this cleaner to clean patchord endfaces as well,but you need to use it with an individual mating sleeve to plug ferrule into somthing for cleaning tip to align properly.Norefill cartriges available.


  • Hold Cleaner with auto sliding door and directional arrow up
  • Squeeze gray trigger, cleaning tape advances and sliding door opens to expose cleaning slot
  • Place ferrule on fabric and swipe ferrule in th direction of the arrow
  • Release gray trigger to close sliding door


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