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Dia. 2.5mm x 60mm(L) Steel Member Fusion Splice Sleeve - Pack of 25 pcs, Clear Color

Mooseline Part No.: F1S25C-25

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This fusion protection sleeve uses smaller components than standard ones and makes it possible to fit more splices in the splice tray.

It has a steel strength member, inner fiber tube, and outer shrink tube. After heat shrinking the size is 2.5mm diameter x 60mm length.

It is designed for single fiber applications and accommodates up to 1.4mm coated fibers. The color is clear (transparent).

Fusion splice protection sleeves provide vital protection at the fused juncture between two fusion spliced optical fibers. In addition to providing a substitute for the original fiber optic cable jacket, splice protection sleeves provide a degree of rigidity that prevents the spliced area from bending or flexing. 




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