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Sticklers Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

Sticklers Part No.: FK03

  • $ 198.00 or

Put It All Together for Perfect Cleaning:

  • 800+ Wet-Dry cleanings per kit, for the best possible results
  • Everything a tech needs for fast, convenient, reliable cleaning; extra pockets for tools, inspection scopes, strippers
  • Cleans in seconds, for just pennies per cleaning
  • Bright orange canvas bag is easy to find, hard to lose, even in the back of trucks, connector closets or busy labs
  • Also in military-ready configuration (slightly different contents)
  • Ship anywhere, any way, including by air, without hazmat fees
  • Free! High-brilliance Sticklers inspection flashlight

Each kit includes two pump sprays of the cleaning fluid, one mini-tub of CleanWipes 90 for the bench top, one box of CleanWipes 400, 25 CleanWipes Singles for harsh environments, 50 CleanStixx, and a high-brilliance LED inspection flashlight.

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