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PDH modular fiber optic multiplexer chassis, up to 16 T1 / E1, POTS and true Fast Ethernet

CTC Union Part No.: FMUX01APLUS

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Product description
The fiber optic multiplexer FMUX01APLUS is the latest product development for fiber data aggregation in Point to Point transmission applications of several data interfaces over a single fiber optic circuit.
FMUX01APLUS chassis is a 19" rack mountable and 1U height MODULAR fiber optic multiplexer. Chassis offers 4 identical slots for data ports, that can accommodate a various number of interfaces such as E1, T1(DS1) TDM interfaces, V.35, X.21, RS-449, RS-530 or RS-232 serial interfaces and also POTS RJ11 FXO/FXS telephone lines. The enhanced FMUX01APLUS fiber multiplexer also has a built-in Fast Ethernet full rate 100Mbps duplex port. There are two physical RJ45 connectors for Fast Ethernet that are separated by a port based VLAN but the total thorughput over the fiber is only 100Mbps.
FMUX01APLUS has also 2 fiber optic slots with redundant backup function. The optical modules can work on distances from 2Km (multimode) up to 120Km (1550nm singlemode) as well as operating on single strand fiber optic WDM circuits on distances up to 60Km. Also, compared to the FMUX01A model, the PLUS version also has built-in SNMP management module.
Ethernet data networks as well as TDM circuits, PBX links and GSM basestations or frame relay routers with synchronous ports can run together in point-to-point applications.
The chassis hardware comes with single AC or dual redundant power supply, either AC or DC. On special request we can provide the FMUX01APLUS with mixed power supply, one AC and one DC. This is a custom version

FMUX01APLUS can be managed through the local LCD display console, the serial console or the SNMP management interface. A free GUI Windows based application for up to 100 nodes can provide graphic management for a small to medium network of FMUX01APLUS. For big networks, SNMP module is a must and a professional NMS software is recommended, while FMUX01APLUS has its own MIB file for management.

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