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SFP-7000-85 1000Base-SX Gigabit SFP transceiver multimode 550m, 850nm

Mooseline Part No.: SFP-7000-85

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Product description
The SFP-7000-85 is a 1000Base-SX multi-mode Gigabit Ethernet rate SFP transceiver using 850nm wavelength and reaching up to 550m distance on 50/125um fiber or up to 275m on 62.5/125um fiber. The SX standard is one of the most popular for short range fiber connections due to widespread usage of multi-mode fiber for inside and inter building networking and also because of the very affordable costs. Transceivers have been tested for compatibility with a large variety of networking devices from well known brands like: Cisco, Juniper, Force10, Edge-Core, ZyXEL, D-Link and many others. The transceivers follow the industry standards of SFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) and SFF-8472, making them directly interchangeable with any networking device following industry standards.

The SFP-7000-85 has Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Interface built-in into the unit. All transceivers support DDM features.

All Gigabit series SFP based converters like FMC-1000S, FRM220-1000TS, FRM220-1000MS and FMC-1000MS as well as Gigabit Industrial media converters and switches can be equipped with miniGBIC/SFP optical modules.

Fiber power budget according to available models
(highlighted model is one available for purchase on this page)
Model Distance Lambda Min. Output (dBm) Sensitivity (dBm) Power Budget (dB)
SFP-7000-85 550m 850nm -9.5 -18 8.5
SFP-7000-31 2Km 1310nm -9 -19 10
SFP-7010-31 10Km 1310nm -9.5 -20 10.5
SFP-7040-31 40Km 1310nm -4 -24 20
SFP-7050-55 50Km 1550nm -4 -24 20
SFP-7080-55 80Km 1550nm 0 -24 24
SFP-7120-55 120Km 1550nm 0 -30 30
SFP-7010-WA 10Km Tx:1310nm Rx:1550nm -9 -21 12
SFP-7010-WB 10Km Tx:1550nm Rx:1310nm -9 -21 12
SFP-7020-WA 20Km Tx:1310nm Rx:1550nm -8 -23 15
SFP-7020-WB 20Km Tx:1550nm Rx:1310nm -8 -23 15
SFP-7040-WA 40Km Tx:1310nm Rx:1550nm -3 -23 20
SFP-7040-WB 40Km Tx:1550nm Rx:1310nm -3 -23 20
SFP-7060-WA 60Km Tx:1310nm Rx:1550nm 0 -24 24
SFP-7060-WB 60Km Tx:1550nm Rx:1310nm -2 -25 23


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