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72 Port Wall Mount Holds (6) Splice Trays, Holds (12) OPT-X Adapter Plate

Leviton Part No.: 5W720-00N

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Leviton's 5W720-00N 72 port wall mount fiber optic patch panel is designed for applications that require fiber patching and corss-connect and splicing of single mode or multimode fibers.

It accepts 12 of Leviton's OPT-X connector adapter panels and 6 of Leviton splice trays.

5W720-00N is made of rugged 16-gauge heavy steel with a black painted finish and trimmable, self-healing grommets. Room for up to 12 OPT-X adapter plates, supporting 288 fibers in MT-RJ, 144 fibers in SC adapters, or 96 fibers in ST adapters.

5W720-00N's Features:

  • Panels are constructed of 16 gauge steel, black color with white lettering
  • Fiber managment rings are made of self extinguishing plastic rated UL 94V-0
  • Grommet material is Ensolite
  • Dimensions: 17" H x 15.0" W x 5.25" D
  • Accepts all Leviton fiber mounting plates
  • Self-healing grommet material at all cable entry/exit points
  • Stackable and adjustable fiber management rings
  • Large panel includes 8 plastic blank mounting plates to inexpensively fill up any unused areas an economical and attractive way to leave room for expanding the panel capability
  • Stores 3 meters of 900 micron fiber per adapter

Design Considerations:

  • Panels are empty. Order mounting plates and adapters separately.
  • Specify the type of mounting plates to be installed in the panel.
  • Specify if splicing is to be used, and if so, what type.
  • Recommend that panels be arranged to allow future growth.
  • Designation stickers allow identification of port assignments.
  • Panels are capable of storing up to 3 meters of 900 micron tight buffered fiber per adapter.
  • Door options: Solid or split-hinged metal. Specify if a lock is required on the distribution side, patch side, or both.
  • Includes hardware kit with Hook
  • This has been replaced by part number 5WLRG12C
  • Replaced by part number 5WLRG12C




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