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Leviton Splice Enclosure, Holds 12 Splice Trays

Leviton Part No.: F1-FS144X

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Leviton 6U LightSpace DPS-105 Optical Splice Enclosure.


Holds up to 12 Splice Trays. Accepts all tray sizes. Standard Tray: 4" x 11.75"


Leviton's LightSpace DPS Series Optical Splice Enclosures are designed to protect, manage and organize fiber splices in a rack mount environment. LGX† compatibility allows users to fill and expand legacy systems. All enclosures feature a unique tray holder that allows users to select from a variety of splice tray styles, including 12 and 24 fiber versions. Units can be purchased separately or in combination.


  • Accepts Leviton standard splice trays
  • 19" and 23" rack mounting
  • Constructed of high-strength aluminum
  • Removable hinged front door and hinged rear door
  • Flipcard for connector identification
  • Large cable management rings for enhanced jumper routing
  • Metal door for added security
  • Key lock option for restricted access
  • Stackable for custom applications
  • Cable clamp kits for additional cable strain relief
  • Grounding kit available


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