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Corning WCH-012P 144 Fiber Wall Mountable Connector Housings - Accepts 12 CCH Connector Panel

Corning Cable Systems Part No.: WCH-012P

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Corning Cable Systems Wall-Mountable Connector Housings provide interconnect or cross-connect capabilities between the outside plant, riser, or distribution cables and the opto-electronics.

The unit can be wall-mounted in main cross-connects (MCs) or telecommunication rooms (TRs). It holds 12 Corning CCH connector panels which provides up to 72 fiber connections.

Optional locking kit for the center door is available for extra protection. Also available are optional splice tray holder and splice trays to enable patch and splice for your application.


1. Dimensions: 22.5(W) x 13.5(H) x 5.125(D) inch
2. Weight: 9 lbs
3. Holds 12 CCH series connector panels


1. Optimized design for field connectorization
2. Suitable for loose tube and tight-buffered fiber optic cables
3. Metal cabinet construction
4. jumper routing guides and jumper strain-relief point
5. Optional field-installable lock kit
6. Includes bracket for buffer tube fan-out kits
7. Optional pivoting splice tray holder allows easy cable routing and is designed to make field splicing easier; splice trays ordered separately
8. Accepts standard CCH connector panels



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