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Chemtronics Electro-Wash MX Cleaning Pen (9 grams)

Polywater Part No.: F1MXCP

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The Chemtronics Electro-Wash MX Pen 9 grams is specifically engineered for the precision cleaning of fiber optic connectors, splices and ribbons.

This precision cleaner quickly and safely cleans the end faces of fiber optic connectors, while eliminating electrostatic charge which can attract airborne contaminants to the end face.

The MX cleaning formulation is safe on most plastics and is residue-free. The non-pressurized container can be easily transported as a "Dangerous Goods in Excepted Quantity". For best results use the Electro-Wash MX Pen in conjunction with the QbE Cleaning Platform or in the Combined Cleaning Process (CCp).

Electro-Wash MX Pen Features:

  • Specifically formulated for cleaning all fiber optic connectors
  • Removes handling soils, dust, oils, and airborne comtaminates
  • Completely portable and easily transportable
  • Cleans alone, with the QbE Cleaning Platform, or in the the Combined Cleaning process (CCp)
  • Cleans and eliminates electrostatic despoits of airborne contaminants

Typical Applications

The Electro-Wash MX Pen can be used for all fiber optic connector repair and maintenance applications, including:

  • Connector end face cleaning
  • Cleaning fiber and slpice trays, pre-splice
  • Cleans tools and meters
  • Cleans cables
  • Removes road tar and asphalt grime
  • For all maintenance and repair spot cleaning

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