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Air Transportable Optic Cleaning Kit. Chemtronics CFK1003 Construction Kit w/MX Pen

Chemtronics Part No.: CFK1003

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Chemtronics CFK1003 Construction Kit w/MX Pen.

Transportable FTTP Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit for Crews Performing Fusion Splicing.

Kit Contents:

  • 1x QbE Cleaning Platform
  • 2x Electro-Wash MX Precision Fiber Optic Cleaner Pens (FW2150)
  • 1x V-Groove & Ferrule Cleaning Swabs (38542F)
  • 1x 2.5mm Foam Fiber Optic Swabs (48042F)
  • 1x Fusion Splice Mirror Cleaning Swabs (51125F)
  • 1x Lint Free Wipes (6704F)
  • 5x Electro-Wash MX Universal Cleaner Wipes (CP421)
  • 1x Rugged Bag w/carabiner attachment
  • 1x MX Pen Instructions for proper use of all these products.

The Chemtronics CFK1003 Combination Cleaning Process cleans all single soils such as dust and oils, but also those soils in combination. "Dry" methods transfer soils and can create a static field that attracts more dust contaminants. "Wet" methods can "flood" the connection making the drying process very complex if not impossible.

The Combination Cleaning Process uses a small amount of precision solvent and automatically dries the end face as an integral part of the cleaning operation. The highly reliable, first-time cleaning of the Combination Cleaning Process is a safety-net for protecting every connection every time.

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