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CLETOP-S Type B Reel Connector Cleaner - White Tape - LC, MU, Female MTP and MTRJ

NTT-AT Part No.: F1-6270SMT

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This new CLETOP-S reel connector cleaner is built on the success of its predecessor CLETOP to give world class cleaning performance at exceptionally competitive cost efficiency.

This product is designed to suit both factory and field applications. CLETOP-S offers a new economical design with easy access to replace cartidges reels.


  • New one push button design allows easy operation for both left and right handed people
  • Special ultra-fine 2µm micro-fibers dry woven polyester film deliver fast and complete removal of oil, dust and grease
  • Cleans ferrule endfaces quickly and easily, without alcohol, liquids, or gases
  • Connector Type: MU, MT, LC, Biconic, MPO (without pin), and MT-RJ (without pin)
  • Easy to replace tape cartridge, White Tape
  • Anti-static material
  • Size: 125 x 85 x 35 mm


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