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Fitel S315 Field Fiber Cleaver

FITEL Part No.: F1-0010

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FITEL S315 cleaver's small, lightweight size makes it the perfect addition to any field splicing system. In addition, the unit's graduated scale allows for cleave lengths of 5 to 20mm. Designed to accommodate 250µm and 900µm coating diameters, the S315 is FITELs least expensive cleaver model.

These cleavers are suitable for use with quick-term connectors and optimal for mechanical splicing. Each cleaver provides a guide for variable cleave lengths from 5-20mm. The blades will perform over 6,000 cleaves before replacement is necessary. The score and snap function is easy to use and preferred by many installers.


  • Accommodates 900μm or 250μm coated fibers
  • Ideal for Mechanical Splices or Quick Term Connectors
  • Cleave lengths of 2 – 20 mm

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