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Economic Field Fiber Cleaver

Fosco Connect Part No.: F1-6000

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This economic field fiber cleaver is small and lightweight size. That makes it the perfect addition to any field splicing system. In addition, the unit's graduated scale allows for cleave lengths of 5 to 20mm. Designed to accommodate 250µm and 900µm coating diameters, this is the least expensive cleaver model.

The F1-6000 cleaver's quick and easy three-step operation is well suited for mechanical splice and quick termination field connector applications.

The leaf spring base is ruled to allow for cleave lengths of 2 to 20mm. The standard carbide blade will perform up to 6000 cleaves before replacement.

The economic field cleaver requires some skill to achieve the desired cleave angle so it may not be appropriate for some splicing applications.


  • Easy three-step operation
  • Designed for Silica Glass Fiber (core and clad)
  • For 80µm to 200µm Cladding Diameter
  • 900µm Buffer or 250µm Coated fiber
  • Cleave Length 2 to 20mm
  • Up to 6000 cleaves before blade replacement

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